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The Network

The Network consists of many different parts:

  • 1,100,000 unique visitors
  • 110,000 properties for sale
  • 5,300 Sellers
  • 200 partner websites
  • 153 state-focused websites
  • 3 national websites

1,100,000 Unique Visitors

These unique visitors have ended up on the Network by 1.) typing into search engines what they are looking for or 2.) searching across the partner websites for rural real estate. They end up on our websites looking for rural real estate so they are a highly targeted audience.

110,000 Properties for Sale

The properties for sale consist of all types of rural real estate including land, farms, ranches, mountain property, timberland, waterfront property, lake houses, and rural residential homes. The purposes for these properties cover a variety of activities including agricultural uses of farming and livestock ranching; recreational uses of hunting, fishing, hiking, mountain biking, birding; energy uses of oil, gas, wind and water rights; many different investment uses; and just to get out into the country.

5,300 Sellers

The sellers on the network are real estate brokers, agents, developers, investors, and owners. They are located in all 50 states. To get more information visit Our Members section.

Over 200 Partner Websites

These partners include a variety of websites with traffic that have a targeted audience of rural real estate buyers. Some example websites include Field & Stream, Outdoor Life, Houston Chronicle, Dallas Morning News, Mother Earth News, Home Town Locator, Equine Network, Timber Home Living,, American Quarter Horse Association, Mahindra Tractors, and many others.

153 State-focused Websites

There are 3 websites dedicated to each state in the United States. Each of these websites covers the three largest rural real estate segments which includes land, lake houses, and country homes. All properties can be searched from the Land sites; lake houses can be search for on the lake sites; and country homes can be searched for on the country homes sites. Some example websites include,,,,, and Click here to see all the dedicated state websites.

3 National Websites

These 3 national websites consist of a nationwide platform to search depending on the property type you are interested in. All properties can be searched from; lake houses can be searched for on; and country homes can be searched for on Each site is optimized for the best search experience according to the property type.

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